Our Vision

We are committed to providing innovative financial and insurance solutions to ensure peace of mind for our communities.


Our purpose is to ensure peace of mind for our customers by providing the best financial protection and solutions through innovative products and services in our chosen markets.

1. Empowerment of our People
for agreater workforce engagement

4. All this, concluding to a
sustainable increase of :
Shareholder Value

2. Increase Customer Value meeting his expectations (quality, of relationship & advices, delivery, solutions)

3. Reinforce insurance core mission
delivering value to the Community

MUA is driven to creating and sharing value amongst all of its stakeholders by focusing on sustainable social, economic and environmental value. It is our core belief that as a responsible insurance group, we have the moral obligation to ensure the peace of mind of our customers, to enable healthier and happier lives for our employees and to participate in the development of the communities we serve.


MUA stands for integrity, teamwork, excellence, diversity and professionalism.


We are motivated by truth and honesty. Acting responsibly and with integrity, in the best interest of our stakeholders, is the leitmotiv of our Group. To that, we strongly believe there is no compromise.


Working as a team, we are committed to creating value for our stakeholders.


As diversity is our strength, we believe that it is only be respecting one another that we shall fulfill our vision.

Professionalism & Excellence

We strive to deliver innovative and meaningful financial solutions to all our clients and we believe that professionalism in everything we do is fundamental to the achievement of our Group’s mission. Within this line of action lies our drive for excellence.


We are committed to excellence that is measured by topmost work benchmarks. 


Our main views and directions for the future

Social Purpose

MUA as a sustainable insurer: find out about our 3 pillars