The smooth functioning of your business might depend heavily on some key members of staff. Their departure might cause an inevitable drop in revenue:

  • while you are finding and training a suitable replacement;
  • from demand that cannot be met;
  • from errors of judgement that can happen due to a less experienced replacement;
  • as a result of the reduced morale of employees.

Our ‘Key Person Insurance’ will compensate for the loss of revenue and associated replacement costs to replace a key employee or business owner who cannot perform their duty either through death, illness or disability.

Keyperson Insurance

The cost of replacing a key member of the company

Regardless of its size, every company has one or more employees who play a key role in the company's growth.

It is important, from a strategic and commercial point of view, to ensure that these key people are protected and that the company is covered to ensure business continuity.

MUA offers key person insurance designed for this purpose. Our contract covers you in the event of death or permanent disability of your key employees, thus allowing business continuity even at a complex time.

Business Loan Insurance

Covers the debts in case of death or disability

Have you taken out a loan through your company with the bank or one of your partners? Are you currently overdrawn? In this case, the death of one of the directors or one of the partners may lead the lender to demand repayment of the loan suddenly. How do I repay the loan? Furthermore, if a partner dies or becomes seriously ill, your company may be obliged to recruit to continue to operate, which may entail significant costs.

Thanks to protection policies, the loan amount is covered in the event of the death or serious illness of a partner.

Group Life Insurance

As a fringe benefit to employees (death or disability)

Group life insurance is a life insurance contract that covers a group of people. By taking out a group life insurance policy with an insurer for its employees, the company enables its employees to benefit from coverage at a lower cost, enabling them to alleviate their financial difficulties.

Partnership Insurance

Taken by partner/s of a company, whereby in case of death or disability of either partner/s, the surviving partner/s can buyout shares of the deceased partner/s


Your company's partners and key people are the driving forces and the foundation of its success. What would happen if one of them were to disappear?

The shares of one of your partners could end up in the hands of someone you don't know and who doesn't know your business. In the event of serious illness or death of one of your partners: his or her share in the business could be passed on to someone else by sale or inheritance. In order to avoid this risk, it is necessary to establish a legal framework that gives you and the other remaining partners the possibility to redeem the shares of any partner who becomes seriously ill or dies. This will ensure that the shares of the partnership remain in good hands and that dependants receive the necessary financial support.

However, this legal framework may guarantee you the possibility to buy, it cannot guarantee that you have the financial means to do so. This is where life insurance is crucial.

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