Message to MUA Ltd Shareholders residing outside Mauritius

Please note that due to current reduction in international flights to and from Mauritius, the Mauritius Port Office has restricted its international postal service to France, Reunion, and the UK. This means that we are unable to dispatch hard copies of the Annual Report 2020 to countries outside these three destinations. We invite MUA Ltd shareholders residing outside Mauritius in the affected countries to consult the following links:

  • Access the Annual Report 2020 here.
  • Shareholder Meeting: access Notices and Proxy Forms for the Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting below

1.           Notice of Annual Meeting here.

2.           Proxy Form for Annual Meeting here.

3.           Notice of Special Meeting here.

4.           Proxy Form for Special Meeting here.

5.           Information Note here.

Shareholders who wish to participate in the on-line Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting should click here and register for attendance. The registration must be received by no later than 23 July 2021 at 10h00 to allow adequate time for processing. As part of the registration process and for verification purposes, shareholders will be asked to provide an email address as well as a copy of a valid identification document (ID card or passport) and duly signed proxy form (if applicable). Once registration is validated, shareholders will receive a unique link and a password by email for access to the on-line Special Meeting. Shareholders who are unable to register on-line or who wish to attend physically the meeting are requested to contact SBM Fund Services Ltd by telephone (+230 202 1507, +230 202 1701 or +230 202 1374) or by e-mail ( for assistance.

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