Liability insurance

Public/Products Liability

Following an accident or unfortunate incident on your premises, your organisation is at risk of being sued regarding liability in relation to members of the public for bodily injury or property damage.

Those lawsuits can turn out to be extremely expensive for your organisation, as well as highly traumatic for all involved, especially for the victims and their families.

To financially secure your organisation’s future, we have a 'Public Liability' insurance cover  that might be of interest to you.

The cover will provide your organisation with indemnity against legal liability to third parties for bodily injury and loss of or damage to property that have not been deliberately or criminally caused.

The insurance cover will define the particular activity or interest of your organisation to which the indemnity relates to and is subject to a monetary limit that will be pre-agreed with you.

We will also pay reasonable defence costs which are inclusive of the limit.

Products Liability:

This insurance cover provides indemnity against the insured's legal liability towards third parties in respect of:

  1. Accidental death or bodily injury
  2. Accidental loss of or damage to material property

Caused by goods or products (including food and drink) manufactured, constructed, altered, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied or distributed by the insured but only after such goods have ceased to be in possession or under the contril of the insured.

Territorial limits: Mauritius & its dependencies only.

Standard Policy Exclusions apply.

Excess: It is standard to apply excess (first amount of claim to be borne by insred) to claims.

Target Audience: Businesses whether be it manufacturers, retailers or traders.

The Notification Process:

STEP 1: Advise us immediately, either verbally or in writing, as soon as you are aware of any injury or illness, etc.

STEP 2: Submit the claim form within fifteen days of the incident.

Why insure with us:
Personalised service through dedicated teams
Over 65 years of experience

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